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Below is a random selection of some of Chris Geiger's award winning newspaper columns - Enjoy!

Bakeries, Bostock and banging Baristas!
SITTING ON THE TABLE in front of me is a naturally fermented doughnut, overly filled with a chocolate ganache. It would be rude or disrespectful to its creator, if not impossible to try demolishing it in one giant bite.


Cough Please!
I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE if you're reading this while eating your cornflakes, however I could just be about to save your life.


Waiting Room
WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED THE unusual atmosphere only found in a doctor’s waiting room. I normally play the ‘guess-what’s-wrong-with-people’ game when I'm waiting to be seen.


A Weighty Problem
I HAVE DISCOVERED THAT a newspaper columnist should avoid certain subjects. Mention religion, politics or people with ginger hair and my mailbox fills faster than a ferry to the UK when volcanic ash is in the air.


Disproportionate Costs
THERE ARE ONLY THREE types of people I avoid sitting with, especially on long-haul flights.


Flowers, Cakes and Cotton Buds
VISITORS ARE BANNED FROM taking flowers into our hospitals. We’re told it reduces the chances of patients suffering a slow and painful death, should they contract the highly contagious ‘wilting petal’ disease.


Happy News Year!
BLIMEY, WHAT A YEAR it’s been already. I’m not talking about Goldman Sachs making a £291m investment in Facebook, or the fact that last week was the most popular week of the year to start an affair.


Charity Begins at Home
FIRSTLY I APOLOGISE TO those who think I've become too serious since winning my columnist award.


Web or Waiting Room
ACCORDING TO A RECENT newspaper article, 85 per cent of us think a family doctor is the most reliable member of society.


THE THOUGHT OF SPENDING the day watching cleaners at my local hospital, all in the name of research for this column, was as appealing as cleaning itself..


Just Two Words
I THOUGHT I’D MADE a discovery as significant as the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler recently.

Bank Clerks or Celebrities
IMAGINE IF HOSPITAL STAFF were replaced by bank clerks or celebrities. Imagine arriving at Accident and Emergency with a limb missing, having just lost a fight with a combine harvester, to be told "Our computers are down, can you call back later".


Read My Lips
I WAS TRAVELLING BY train to London recently, visiting a hospital that had agreed to allow me to observe a procedure that would bring tears to any man’s eyes.

Award Winning

Chris won the prestigious ‘Columnist of the Year’ award, beating paid professional journalists, for his light-hearted and informative newspaper columns, publicising the disease and cancer issues.

Chris Geiger winning the Newspaper Columnist of the Year award.

World Record

Other projects to inspire cancer patients, include writing a newspaper feature on World Cancer Day, in which Chris received a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Published Newspaper Article’.

Radio panels

Chris can be heard reviewing the newspapers on BBC radio; and regularly appears on radio panels, discussing his own battle with cancer.

Chris Geiger BBC Radio Interviews


Chris Geiger talks regularly at medical conventions, cancer support groups, hospitals and on radio panels. He engages, entertains and inspires anyone touched by cancer, with his light-hearted look at cancer treatment.

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