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Take a picture of ‘The Cancer Survivors Club’ book in an unusual location or even while on holiday and we’ll publish your photo here and post it on both our Facebook (CancerBuzz) and Twitter page (@Cancer_Buzz).  You will also be entered into a draw to win a free signed copy to be sent on your behalf to a patient of your choosing. Simply e-mail us your picture, putting ‘The Cancer Survivors Club On Tour’ in the subject box. Don’t forget to tell us your full name, location the photo was taken along with any other relevant details. To be entered into our draw, please give us the full name and address of the patient you’d like to receive a copy of ‘The Cancer Survivors Club’ book along with any message. Click here to send us your photo.

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    David Mason - deep under the Mendip Hills


Bad Cells is a collection of Chris Geiger’s thought-provoking and witty newspaper columns. His weekly column rapidly grew in popularity, eventually earning him the prestigious Columnist of the Year award.

He writes about such random subjects as our attitude towards breasts, dog walkers, death, high fibre diets, cosmetic surgery, car alarms, prostate examinations, the Queen’s speech, celebrities and assisted suicide. Other topics include Wimbledon, doctor’s waiting rooms and smokers; describing them as “dumb or dyslexic” for ignoring the health warnings on packets.


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